The Holden Car Club of WA inc.


Committee 2021/2022




Tim Tapping

Vice President

Bruce Jones


Ted Burbridge


Pauline Wainwright

0411 793 537


Vehicle Registrar (404)

Vehicle Registrar (C4C)

Robyn Jones

Pauline Wainwright

Public Relations 

Tam Kelly

Events Coordinator

Mick Lawler

0417 929 966

Property Manager

Darryl Pinner


James Bryans

Vehicle Scrutineers
Bruce Jones
Nathan Fitzgerald
John Lambert
Terry Snelgar




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Code 404 Historic License Procedure

C4C License Procedure

Impromptu Run


Our next Club event will be  

Aviation Museum and cruise to     Vale Bar & Brasserie

20th November

Meet 10am @ The Aviation Museum (RSVP essential) then cruise to the The Vale Bar & Brasserie


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