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The Holden Car Club of WA Inc. is a not for profit organisation which, in addition to the restoration and preservation of Holden vehicles, sees family orientated social activities for its members, along with participation in worthy charitable events, an important aspect of its charter.




The origins of the Holden Car Club of WA date back to 1984 when a number of Holden owners displayed their vehicles at the Classic Car Day which was then held at Lilac Park in Guildford. Founding member Ray Underwood made a suggestion on the day that perhaps a club should be formed for Holden owners across the model range. Other Holden Car Clubs were in existence at the time; however, they were model specific and did not cater across the whole range. Ray set the wheels in motion and a gathering at his home became the first meeting of the Holden Car Club of WA. That early decision to cater for all models was the catalyst for the success of the Club as we know it today.

Other founding members who attended that inaugural meeting included Connie and Bill Spargo, Hillary Fowle and Bruce Dawson who collectively became stalwarts of the Club.

In those early days monthly meetings were held in the Anglican Hall, North Perth and the first Annual General Meeting took place in 1986. Office bearers elected at that meeting were Keith McCormack (President), Hillary Fowle (Secretary), Nicole Franks (Treasurer) and Craig Clements (Coordinator). Other committee members were Bill Spargo, Bruce Dawson and Peter Rodereda.

The first newsletter was issued the same year, and the following year (1987) the Club’s constitution was formally adopted.

1986 was also the year that the forerunner to the present GM Owners’ Day was held. It was then known as the Holden Classic Car Show and was held at Lilac Park. In 1988 the show was renamed GM Owners’ Day and the Association for Advancement of Brain Injured Children was adopted as the beneficiary of funds raised from the event. The GM Owner’s Day now operates bi-annually in partnership with the Chevrolet Club and over $165,000 has been raised since 1988 for this worthy Charity.

Within the short space of just two years the Club had become a fully fledged organisation with 80 members and 100 Holdens on its register.

1988 was a turning point for the Club when Dennis Klarich was elected President. Dennis’s tireless devotion to the Club was without parallel and he held many committee positions until his sad passing in 2006. Under Dennis’s stewardship the Holden Car Club went from strength to strength and the Dennis Klarich Memorial Run is an event now held in his honour each year.

In May 1990 the first 24 page quarterly newsletter was produced.

In 1994 meetings were transferred to the VCC club rooms in Forrestfield, and ultimately to the RSL club rooms in East Victoria Park in March 2004 where meetings are held bi-monthly to this day.

1997 saw the introduction of Code 404 (concessional) licensing for members.

The milestone of the Club’s 20th Anniversary was celebrated at the all Aussie Car Day in Yarloop on 18 April 2004.

On the Club's 30th anniversary it had around 150 members with over 200 Holdens on its register, around 60 of which were code 404 licensed.

The Holden Car Club of WA sees itself as more than just a ‘car club’. While the restoration and preservation of Holden Vehicles play an important role in its charter, it sees social activities for its members and their families, along with participation in worthy charitable events, an important function of the Club. The Club’s Committee is mindful that its events should be aimed at being family orientated and all activities are planned with this in mind. With over 30 years experience in providing for its members, the Holden Car Club of WA is confident that it will continue to provide the very best outcome for its members and their families in the years ahead.


Why should you join

Members of the Holden Car Club are a dedicated group of enthusiasts with a wealth of knowledge and information about Holden vehicles. The Club has philosophy of assisting members in the restoration and maintenance of their vehicles.

Holden Car Club Members are able to call on the experience and expertise of other Club Members to track down those hard to find car parts, both original and reproduction, that you may need to complete your restoration or to keep your Holden in a roadworthy condition.  The Club has interstate contacts via its connections with other Clubs, an important source for knowledge and parts.

Social activities are an important function of the Club. They include – family friendly car rallies, weekends away, vehicle displays, an Annual Show and Shine, movie nights and picnic cruises to name a few. Club Members may also assist by providing displays at various charity functions.

The GM Owners Day, a biennial event co-organised with the Chevrolet Club of WA, surpasses all other events in significance and size and is usually held at Bassendean. Other clubs associated with the General Motors’ marques are invited to attend. Proceeds from the GM Owners Day are donated to AABIC, ‘The Association for the Advancement of Brain Injured Children’. Over $165,000 has been raised for AABIC since the event began in the mid 1980s.


Concessional Licensing

The Club has its own accredited vehicle inspectors for active members who wish to have their vehicles concessionally licensed. A concessional license is available to unmodified Club vehicles over 25 years old, providing a significant saving on annual licensing costs.


Membership Fees

Full membership is $45.00 per year plus a one-time joining fee of $20.00 payable on application. The membership year runs from July to June. Country membership is available for those who reside outside the recognised Perth metropolitan area. Country membership is $35.00 per year plus the $20.00 joining fee. Some insurance companies offer a discount if you are a member of the Holden Car Club of WA, which is another good reason to become a member. Discounts are also available from some automotive businesses to members of the Holden Car Club of WA. Note: Membership fees are subject to change.

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20th November

Meet 10am @ The Aviation Museum (RSVP essential) then cruise to the The Vale Bar & Brasserie


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